Everything You Need To Get And Keep Pilates Clients, And Grow Your Pilates Business Profitably And Quickly... GUARANTEED.


Profit With Pilates Online Training Course Includes:


 6 Week Virtual Course with Gina*

Over 10 hours of recorded video & audio, delivered over 6 weeks through a secure, private website that you are given lifetime access to.  Each video and audio segment teaches an essential core pilates biz concept (or “how to”) and includes worksheets that will get you out of theory and into taking action – which is the essential step for success.  Remember, don’t worry if you miss a week. You can always go back to a previous week because you receive LIFETIME ACCESS. Your lifetime access to the course includes all future upgrades, enhancements and bonuses.

Video content includes:

  • Week 1 – Introduction to Profit With Pilates, You Are The Expert, Themes, Touches & Pitfalls
  • Week 2 – Marketing Your Pilates Services Online, Finding Your Ideal Client
  • Week 3 – Pricing & Accepting Payment
  • Week 4 – Testimonials & Newsletters
  • Week 5 – Sales & Selling, Customer Relationship Management
  • Week 6 – Create a Pilates System For Your Business, 10 Life Lessons

  Action Templates & Worksheets

Print out sheets and templates will get you out of theory and into taking action. These are the exact templates I have used to create my ideal business.

  Complete Transcripts

Transcripts are provided for each video module, if you prefer to read, take notes, and follow along. These are also great for review, since you can skim them quickly to find the point you want.

  Surprise Guest Interviews

When the topic calls for it, I have great guest interviews for you, so you can get a really well-rounded view of the subject we’re covering. There are experts that have made a HUGE difference in my business and life. I’ve transcribe these videos as well.

  Coaching Q&A Calls with Gina

I have Coaching and Q&A calls to get you started right away- these calls have been recorded and made available to you. The coaching and Q&A calls prepare you for ultimate results and help you identify what needs your attention first.

 Members Only Private Facebook Group Access

You will receive access to Profit With Pilates exclusive member’s only Private Facebook Group, to post discussions and ask questions to other “Profit With Pilates” members. Think of this as your private pilates mastermind group! This is the number one unexpected bonus of almost all Profit With Pilates members – it’s THAT good!


Register Today & Receive The Following BONUSES Absolutely FREE:


 Bonus 1: Archive Of Pilates Newsletter Articles 

Archive of Gina’s Pilates Studio Newsletter articles for you to “swipe” and use in your studio newsletters (priceless)

  Bonus 2: Gina’s Personal Contract Samples

Get access to Gina’s personal contract samples including her Independent Contracts, Rental Contracts, Consent Forms, Waivers, Client Profiles, Video Testimonial Contracts, Client Contracts & More! ($1500 Value)!

  Bonus 3: Gina’s Guidebook for Instructors & Administration

Gina’s personal Instructor’s & Administrative guidebooks which include templates, instructions & more! (priceless!)

 Bonus 4: Webinar – Gina Reviews And Dissects Pilates Websites:   

Gina will dissect multiple pilates websites and provide essential checklists for your website (priceless!)

Bonus 5: Gina’s Private Library Of Resources

Learn all of the great tools & references Gina uses including books, websites & contacts!(priceless)



*Please note, you will receive lifetime access to The Profit With Pilates virtual course. Once you enroll, you will receive private login information along with step by step instructions. All of the videos, audios, tutorials, transcripts, templates and handouts will be accessed on a private, secure, membership only website that you would be joining. All video and audio will be recorded so you can work at your own pace and refer back at any time.






You Will Also Receive:

 The secret answer to why you are already an expert your pilates clients want and need you to be (this is the secret nobody in the pilates world will tell you!) and how this will make you more money!

 Find out how to bring your personality to your teaching without Joseph Pilates rolling over in his grave (which means you’ll avoid burnout and be a much happier instructor)

 Your very own essential checklist for your online pilates presence (Finally a list for you to easily follow and cross off!)

 Get my formula for how to attract and even better retain your favorite kind of pilates clients and keep them coming back for more!

 Learn how to crack the pricing code and let me show you how to feel confident about what you are charging!

 Discover frequent business mistakes I’ve seen too many pilates instructors make that kill their business (don’t let this be you!)

 Get my mindset secrets that will propel you through any bad economy (or day)  to not only survive but thrive!!!

 …and so much MORE!

Get Clients, Make Big Sales, and Create Your Ideal Life Teaching Pilates.I guarantee the training is for you, no matter if you are a newbie fresh out of pilates certification OR a seasoned pro with multiple studio locations!

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Here’s what graduates of Profit With Pilates are saying..



“I would recommend Profit with Pilates because this program is relevant to every pilates instructors and studio ownerNew businesses get off on the right foot and older ones may have to clean up a bit of a ‘mess’ to move forward with their visions. After viewing the modules, I felt inspired, in control, excited, and enabled. Love this program! It’s so needed and appreciated. It gives you a blueprint to use in your business which makes it feel like you will reach your goal. Knowing that you have a program outline to follow also helps you free up time to take care of yourself. Your not spending all your energy in the wrong places, which makes you calmer more focused and a better teacher. Community is everything and anyone thinking they can do it alone is in for a very long uphill lonely battle. Why would you do that to yourself? Join Profit With Pilates!”

Rachael Pope, Studio Owner
British Columbia, Canada


“The video modules in Profit With Pilates are value-packed. At first I was reluctant to invest in the program because money is tight, but I have absolutely no regret. The content is well worth the money. Also, Gina is so much NOT a diva and I love that! She gets personal, she speaks from her heart and it shows. As she goes for her passion, she inspires me to do the same. Thank you so much.”

Ségolène Brantschen, pilates instructor
Woluwe Saint Pierre, Belgium



“Before The Pilates Biz, I knew I wanted to find ways to grow my business but I had no idea where to begin or where to focus my attention.  The Pilates Biz has really exceeded my expectations.  I now have so many ideas and a roadmap on how to pursue them.The materials Gina provides are excellent, providing notes, tips, how tos and additional resources.  Having so many other studio owners and instructors together to bounce ideas off of, get advice and offer suggestions was invaluable.  Icame away with many specific, practicle and implementable ideas that I know will help me grow my business.”

Len Palombi, pilates instructor
Chicago, Illinois 

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“Before The Pilates Biz, I was managing a studio that needed guidance and clear steps to increase profits along with client and instructor satisfaction. Gina has provided me with a great amount of information and instruction in a step-by-step, easy to follow presentation accompanied by a handbook I could refer to later. The material she presents along with dynamic group interaction gives me a sense of empowerment that I know how to begin managing the business better and more profitably. I now have quite a few tools to easily get started and keep progressing as business grows and improves.”

Krista Overly, pilates instructor
Denver, Colorado



“After finding The Pilates Biz, I have now become more clear about my direction regarding my pilates career.  I have heard, in the pilates community, that Gina was a very sweet person and very meticulous regarding all her endeavors, so I had high expectations.  However, Gina has exceeded my expectations!”

Natasha Senkovich, pilates instructor
Tarzana, California



“I have a list of things I can do immediately to take my business to the next level because of Gina & The Pilates.  As a member of Profit With PilatesI felt like the information presented was exactly what I needed to know and hear to keep growing my business and continue the work I had been doing in the program.  The group interactions are amazing and Gina’s knowledge and presentation of the material is great!”

Carey Sadler, Studio Owner
North Liberty, Iowa


“Before The Pilates Biz & Profit With Pilates, my thoughts were all over the place. But now I’m better prepared to attend to my business needs because I have a road map. Foundation first, then progress forward. I now know exactly what I need to do. And because I now have a road map, I’m not as overwhelmed.”

Ellen Ducote, Studio Owner 
Costa Mesa, California



 “I would absolutely recommend Profit With Pilates to other instructors and studio owners.  The program inspired and motivated me to put everything I learned into practice. Gina is very easy to relate to.  None of the material feels too ‘salesy‘ just common sense, and can be put into practice relatively easily. I also love the fact that the info is all there to refer back to if and when I need to.  It’s going to be a life long resource for me.”

Natalie Gill, Studio Owner
Ibiza, Spain


“The Pilates Biz is very grounding to me, gives me a focus and goal to keep me motivated at work.  The experience itself is fulfilling, valuable suggestions on what to do next. The program, Profit With Pilates, contains great information that can help anyone at any stage of their careers. After viewing the modules, I felt motivated and interested again in the pilates business. I love Gina’s enthusiasm and the online format at of the program. It gives you the ability to progress at your own pace, whenever your schedule allows. I also love all of the extra bonuses, like the articles that you can use in a newsletter.  I really appreciate the role that social media definitely plays in the marketplace now.  I get the “why” now.  Gina’s insights and instructional tools will make it that much easier!”

Sue Okuda,  pilates instructor
Yorba Linda, California



“First and foremost the information in Profit With Pilates is invaluable. Before Profit With Pilates, I had no where to go to get marketing ideas and suggestions for my pilates business. I feel like I have support now. And I like the idea of being able to go at your own pace. I am excited again. I have always been excited about learning more about my craft, but have always been uneasy about the “business” part of it. Now I am excited about both! Thank you Gina!”

Marie Schneider, Studio Owner
Orange County, California



“If you want to work on your business and not just to work in it, The Pilates Biz is for you. The Pilates Biz has helped me get organized about what I need to work on and the order I need to do it in. I would further recommend  Gina’s program, Profit with Pilates.”

Maria Bardet, pilates instructor
Sacramento, California



Profit With Pilates has exceeded my expectations – I was very pleased to have  suggestions for things to do and some of them I found quite surprising but refreshing. I felt that Gina really understands what I am going through at this stage of setting up the business and that she believes that I am on the right path – which is comforting. I feel like I have support from someone whose opinion really counts! “

Ruth Tudor, pilates instructor
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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“This experience has been really eye opening! I see that I can make a few simple changes that will yield big results and I am eager to meet those goals and then go for more with Gina’s guidance. Gina met my expectations in ways I didn’t even think of! After the call with Gina, I was bursting with enthusiasm and ready to get started. I have lots of exciting info for all of my instructors now! I see some light at the end if the tunnel for my pilates future now. Some frustrations and confusion have found solutions. I have a positive direction and an action plan. I love the support of The Pilates Biz and feel like I am not so far off from greatness!!”

Leslie Brangham, Studio Owner
Camarillo, California


“I would recommend Profit With Pilates to other pilates professionals because it changes lives! I had no real idea how thorough and complete this program was going to be until I joined! Before Profit With Pilates, my pilates business was feeling a bit stale and stagnant. I believe Profit With Pilates will help every business owner or instructor realize their true potential, thank you!”

Lynne DeMarco, Studio Owner
Los Angeles, California



“I have been a member of Profit with Pilates  for only 2 or 3 months, have only gone through 5 or 6 of the modules, and feel I have already gotten my money’s worth and more! In the last few years I went from being a one woman show to having a staff of instructors in a beautiful new space with a lot of overhead. I had been feeling frustrated and stressed about making ends meet. The last 3 months (since joining Profit With Pilates) have been my most profitable months ever… (I feel like I am going to jinx myself by even putting this in writing, it is still hard to believe!) I have almost doubled my usual sales. Although it will take some time to pay off the debt (my immediate goal) I feel like I can breathe again. It is invaluable to have Gina’s coaching and the forum to communicate with. Being a part of this group has changed my mindset. It has given me new ideas, and given me the motivation to act on ideas I have had. I can’t thank you enough. Joining this group has been a turning point for my business.”

Meghan, Studio Owner
New York, New York

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I feel like I am finally on the right track, which feels good. I also feel like I had good roadmap to get where I want my pilates business to go, as well as a lot of great ideas. I would highly recommend Profit With Pilates to other pilates instructors. I think it’s a very innovative program in our industry! Not only did I learn some great new ways to market and manage activities in the studio by participating in Profit With Pilates, the program also gave me the reflective opportunity to be reminded of ideas I’d had, but without the assignments of the program, had forgotten.  My new-found connection to the community of studio owners and teachers is absolutely invaluable.  I have a group of people who can relate to my experiences of running a successful Pilates studio on a daily basis!”

Sydney Craig, Studio Owner
Chattanooga, Tennessee 



I found Gina and The Pilates Biz on facebook and began following several months ago. My studio has been in business 1 year and I felt like I really needed Gina’s help going into year two. I am so grateful that I have been able to benefit from the expertise of Gina and her team. I feel like now I have the information I needed take my pilates studio to the next level. Now I can feel comfortable bringing in new programs and furthering myself as a pilates instructor. Thank you Gina! I would highly recommend this program to any pilates instructor or studio owner!

Jill Hinson, Studio Owner
Monroe, North Carolina



Profit With Pilates was full of great tools for me to proceed ahead to the next level of my business- Profit With Pilates gave me proper direction of time, money and resources to produce a desirable outcome for my staff and overall business. An inspiration to be charged up about everyday! I would recommend this to all Pilates business owners.

Kendel Pink, Studio Owner
Orange County, California

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Profit With Pilates program has been magical for my studio because it was tailored to my industry! I am so inspired. I love that I have lifetime access because I want to view the videos  more times and update my action plan. I love that Profit With Pilates is industry specific and I love the handouts that guide you to what to do with each video module.  I have taken so much away from Profit With Pilates since there was a direct correlation to what I need to do.  Thank you Gina!”

Allison Zang, Studio Owner
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania



Through The Pilates Biz, I have been able to get answers to, step by step, what things I need to know as an independent contractor that are going to make me more successful in teaching pilates and being my own entity. The Pilates Biz has given me more clarity. Gina gives me the tools that I need, which keeps me super motivated to check off step by step what I need to do to make sure all of my nuts and bolts are in place. I finally have a solid core to being successful in this industry. Would I recommend The Pilates Biz? Totally! I love everything about it and the community is awesome. Thank you Gina!

Heather Sommer, pilates instructor
Lebanon, Ohio



 I not only love Profit for Pilates for the great business modules and tips that are easily implemented but for the forum of ideas such as that on facebook. I have greatly enjoyed being able to openly ask questions and instantly receive feedback from other business owners as well as from Gina. Not only do I learn valuable new lessons and ideas every day, but I find myself creating new ideas to share with others that I can in turn implement as well. I am also finding I am validating my past accomplishments for running a successful business for such a long time alone.  It is such a relief.  Not only am I finding it’s easier to ask for the help in my business, I am finding I am doing so in other aspects of life as well. My classes instantly started filling up. I love the synchronicity of what I need being provided in this group. I appreciate the challenge of different ideas and approaches as I work alone, and I appreciate also having something to share with others from failures and successes. Most of all I am appreciating the motivation I am finding to not only work in my business but on my business in ways that are all uniquely me.”

Susie Kidd, Studio Owner
Eureka, California

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“I purchased Profit with Pilates with some trepidation…some programs promise the world and leave you wondering how you ever bought into it.  Within the first 2 weeks, my business profits jumped about 10% and now that I’ve been using it for a little more than a month, it has increased to about 20%. I just finished reconciling my quickbooks and I made about a 30% increase in sales thanks to Profit With Pilates.I am almost at the point where I may have to start a waiting list! I’ve also started sending out an informational newsletter every 2 weeks with testimonials that I’ve collected from my clients and because it was forwarded by some of my contacts, I got 3 new clients this month from that alone. And I’m not even done with all the modules, so thank you Gina & Profit With Pilates!”

Heidi Benson, Studio Owner
Sedona, Arizona


“I am raring to go!  I wanted to say a huge thank you to you to Gina & The Pilates Biz Team. The Pilates Biz Event was exciting, informative and professional at La Costa Resort.  It exceeded my wildest expectations!  Thank you for your expertise and enthusiasm – the whole weekend was totally inspiring.”

Ellen Miller, Studio Owner
Ocean Springs, Mississippi



Profit With Pilates was very well organized, the guest speakers were well selected and offered a wide range of expertise from different areas of business, and Gina gave a plethora of information that was both eye-opening and inspiring to really jump start a successful Pilates business.

Caroline Donegan, In Training
San Diego, California

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“I was talking with one of my apprentice teachers yesterday and she was commenting about how great it was to see all the new people in the studio. she commented, “Just look how much your business has changed and grew in the last two months!”. I realized how right she was and also realized it was about 2 and a half months ago that I joined Profit With Pilates.  Thank you Gina!”

Carey Sadler, Studio Owner
North Liberty, Iowa



Profit With Pilates delivered more than I expected, and I already expected a lot coming from Gina. Helpful tips on how to market yourself, use your individuality to your advantage, automate your business and even discussions on changing your mindset for success were given. The wheels in my head are still spinning about everything discussed and one day after the event I’ve already begun im plem enting m any of the tips into my new Pilates website currently under construction.”

Erika Thrope, pilates instructor
Encinitas, California



Profit With Pilates was so inspirational! This is the first business program where I’ve walked away with an action plan, clear answers to “what’s next?”, as well new goals for my business. As a newbie to the Pilates business, the event was a hands-on look at where my business needs to be today, as well as in the future. I feel like I have the tools to make it happen now! Thanks Gina!”

Nicki Hunt, pilates instructor
San Diego, California



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“I was in search of taking my business to the next level but I wasn’t exactly sure how that was going to look. But after Profit With Pilates I felt that my confidence was restored along with a very clear guideline of what to do next to boost my business. It was the “A-AH moment” that I needed!”

Kate Porath, pilates instructor
Orange County, California




“Before  Profit With Pilates, I wasn’t quite sure how to start my own Pilates studio. I didn’t know if I had what it would take to succeed or if I could just work my studio part-time as a side business and still be taken seriously. After Profit With Pilates all of my questions and concerns have been answered and I received some much needed insight from experienced instructors that have been in the industry for years. The information that I took away was priceless and I believe every Pilates instructor no matter how experienced would benefit from this fun, inspirational and educational program!”

Randi Scholtes, pilates instructor
San Diego, California




“I came to Profit With Pilates in a scattered, overwhelmed, and unsure of where to start state of mind, in regards to my Pilates studio. I had many ideas, but wasn’t clear on how to put them into action. During  Profit With Pilates I was encouraged, empowered, enlightened, and best of all, given a road map on where to start with all of my ideas and how to put them into action. Everything we covered at the event gave me the tools to build a smooth running, fun to manage, and positive Pilates business. I am eternally grateful for Profit With Pilates.”

Anonymous Profit With Pilates Member





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Gina’s Personal, I Want to Make You Money Guarantee:

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Green

“I invite you to be a part of  my online training program, Profit With Pilates, at no risk whatsoever! If for some reason you are not delighted with Profit With Pilates and don’t feel as if you are able to walk away with at least a dozen ideas after completing the entire course to help you make more money teaching pilates or running a pilates studio, simply notify us and I will happily mail you a check for a full 100% refund within 30-days.

I want to make your decision to attend my online training program, Profit With Pilates  an easy one!”

Think about it this way:

Just ONE additional pilates client will pay for this course several times over – just one! Now imagine how many new clients you will have after this course. All you have to do is let me teach you the proven strategies to keep your clients coming year after year and paying you happily. For that one reason alone it should be a “no brainer” to put any concerns you may have aside but especially with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee above you have no reason not to join. (Remember in Jerry Maguire where he says “Help me help you!” – that is how I feel!)

If you don’t feel Profit With Pilates was the best business pilates course you’ve ever attended, just let us know before the end of the 30 days and we’ll process a full refund for you!

I look forward to helping you make this year the most successful year ever!

P.S. Don’t forget… If Profit With Pilates helps you get just ONE more new client this year, it will more than pay for your investment. And if you aren’t absolutely THRILLED, I will refund 100% of your money. This course is designed to get you results, and I have removed all of the risk. Click the link below!


Still not convinced? Check out Profit With Pilates Sneak Preview!


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